Tuesday, July 7, 2009

UW football to switch to Nike

2009 Wyoming team captains, from left, junior running back Darius Terry, senior defensive tackle John Fletcher, senior center Russ Arnold and senior outside linebacker Weston Johnson.

The Wyoming Cowboy football team will be wearing Nike uniforms for the first time in school history when the 2009 season kicks off. The Nike brand is the most recognizable equipment brand in sports.

“We are excited to be with the No. 1 apparel company in sports,” said UW head football coach Dave Christensen. “The design and quality of the uniforms is the best available, and from a recruiting standpoint it gives us one more advantage in being able to tell the young men we are recruiting that we are wearing the very best.”

The Cowboys will have four different color combinations that they will wear during the season -- two color combinations for home games and two for road games. At home, the regular combination the Pokes will wear will be a brown jersey with gold pants. For special home games, the Cowboys will also have the option of wearing a brown jersey with white pants. On the road, when UW plays on artificial turf, it will wear white jerseys and white pants. When playing on natural grass on the road, the combination will be white jerseys and gold pants.

“Young people today grow up very conscious of the sports apparel they wear and the sports equipment they use,” said UW Athletics Director Tom Burman. “Nike is not only a company that has an outstanding reputation for the highest quality equipment, but it is the brand that recruits desire. We are happy that we were able to partner with Nike to get this new deal worked out for Cowboy football.”

Wyoming football will also wear Nike shoes and use Nike footballs beginning in the 2009 season.


Anonymous said...

I have a few little changes I would make, but one big change-that is keep the bucking horse logo on the shoulder, shoulder numbers are lame anyway.

The little changes would be to make the brown darker so it doesn't look like poop. Put a little bucking horse logo on the pants opposite the nike logo. Last, I would put the brown,gold,brown stripes back on the helmet. If they make those changes the uniforms would be great, and winning makes anything look good.

The Oblads said...

I would get rid of the current colors...that's a start, try and leave the pee/poo look

Also, I'd also change the helmet color, at least attempt to match everything up better (for instance: white helmet, brown jersey, yellow pants) AKA-ugly, stupid, and Nike doesn't have the power to fix that

Anonymous said...

A brown or gold helmet might work, but I would have to see it before I would say I like it better. You can have 3 different colors and still look good, I think the Steelers road uni's look fine, black helmet, white jersey, yellow pants, but generally, I think your right 2 main colors and a third accent is what usually looks best to me. Teams with only 2 colors (BYU, Nebraske, Penn State) are too bland though.

Slate said...

Well, not a fan of Nike. Again, disappointed with their efforts. I actually prefer New Balance over this and no more gold jersey? New Balance's efforts were much better than this.

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