Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Genho, Biezuns give Cowboys depth at H-back

Richard Anderson photo
Greg Genho, left and Josh Biezuns look to contribute at H-back this season.
Cracking some skulls

By Richard Anderson

Are they fullbacks or tight ends?

Wyoming junior Greg Genho didn’t really have an answer Saturday after practice, when asked what exactly his position was.

“What do they have me listed as,” he said with a smile.

How about H-back/fullback.

According to Wikipeda, an H-back is “a hybrid of a fullback and a tight end.”

So, for players like Genho and redshirt freshman Josh Biezuns, they’re H-backs.

Genho isn’t really concerned with what he is called. He just knows what he has to do.

“We’re blockers, pretty much,” Genho said.

Essentially, they are smaller versions of the offensive line, but they are eligible to catch a pass, although at times they are rarely called upon to do so.

“It’s more fullback now that we’ve changed position coaches,” Biezuns said. “We’re still fullbacks and we still go on the line and block as a tight end and run some routes. A little of everything, pretty much.”

Evidently, the fullback listing is a bit redundant.Genho, now 6-foot-3 and 245 pounds, was an all-state running back in high school at Brush (Colo.) High School. Biezuns, at 6-2 and 246, was a linebacker and fullback late in his final year at Prior Lake High School in Prior Lake, Minn.

Last season the position was labeled tight end/H-back. Graduating senior Wade Betschart was considered one of the top blockers on the team, but he also was an offensive threat, with 32 catches for 296 yards and two scores.

With more of an added emphasis on the actual tight end position in the Wyoming offense, Genho and Biezuns will be counted on for their blocking ability.

“We’ll get a few chances to go out on routes, maybe touch the ball one or two times a game. But mostly, we’re here to block,” Biezuns said.

And both are here to hit, which is fine with them.

“We hit a lot. We get dizzy a lot,” Genho said. “We’re like the mean guys. We have to use our heads a lot … head first. It’s pretty rough. My neck starts hurting pretty bad. But that’s why I love it. That’s why they got me, I guess.”

Biezuns said that when they are in their 9 on 7 drill, they’re in on just about every play, hitting linebackers and defensive ends.

“You have to have your helmet tight and be ready to hit,” Biezuns said. “We haven’t had our whole playbook installed yet, but the last few days we have been putting in the powers and that is mostly hitting the linebackers. You have a headache by the end of practice.”

Both H-backs are pleased with the progress of the offense and their overall play this spring.

“It’s going really good,” Genho said. “We’re playing great. With our offensive line, we should be really good. Our line is back and we have good backs.’

Biezuns said that the Cowboys are excited, which can be a little rare for this time of year.

“With spring ball, it is kind of tough to get fired up at the end of the semester, but everybody is really happy with the way things are going,” he said. “We have a few things to clean up, but it is going pretty well.”

For the Wyoming H-back … or H-back/fullback, preparing for this fall is all about blocking and hitting a little harder when called upon.

“We just have to keep cracking sculls, man, just keep getting better,” Genho said. “We have to drive people off the ball. We’re learning a new offense, so we have to get all of that down. When we get better in that aspect, we’ll be ready to roll in the fall.”

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